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Just like the arteries connected to your heart, the arteries in your legs are susceptible to blockages that affect blood flow and circulation. At Muskogee Cardiovascular Center, we will help restore proper flow and function of your legs.

Battle Peripheral Artery Disease naturally by quitting tobacco, exercising and eating a healthy diet.

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is the term describing a progressive blockage of arteries resulting in a decrease of blood and oxygen to tissues.  PAD affects over 10 million individuals in the U.S., however 75% of symptomatic patients never get any treatment.  The result of untreated end stage PAD is development of gangrene which often leads to amputation.

Peripheral vascular disease (also known as PVD or poor circulation).  With PVD, the vessels that carry blood to your lower body become narrowed or blocked.  Over time, this can cause lead to gangrene, and in extreme cases, amputation; fortunately, you can easily avoid this by working with our doctor.

What causes PAD?

•  Smoking

•  Diabetes

•  Obesity (a body mass index over 30)

•  High blood pressure

•  High cholesterol

•  Family History

Be educated on risk factors

•  ABI/Stress ABI                                                          •  Peripheral ultrasound

•  Carotid artery ultrasound                                         •  Diagnostic catheterization

•  Peripheral intervention including stents                 •  Carotid artery stents

Dependable diagnosis and recovery options

Improve blood flow in your legs