Muskogee Cardiovascular Center Heart shown on a monitor ECG

Experiencing any of the following - Shortness of Breath, atrial fibrillation or flutter in your heart, hypertension or high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythms, fatigue in legs, leg swelling, Peripheral Artery Disease, or venous Insufficiency? Visit us as soon as you can. Call to schedule your appointment.

Boston Scientific, Medtronic, St. Jude, as well as any other pacemaker can be monitored by our office.  


Dr. Mohamad Amer Mahayni and the rest of our highly trained specialists have extensive expertise in the evaluation and diagnosis of a variety of cardiology conditions. We work directly with you to customize your treatment plan.


Customizable treatment options

At Muskogee Cardiovascular Center's, Coumadin Clinic, we offer services that will help you protect yourself from adverse outcomes.  We guarantee a call back to you personally with your levels and any adjusting of your medication within 24 hours of receiving your lab results.


Maintain a therapeutic INR

Affordable cardiovascular care